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Monday, August 11, 2008

Scenes from The City of Angels

Hello, I hope this finds everyone in good spirits. We had "Shake your Ass" Friday. Perhaps this should be "Drag Your Ass" Monday? Ha!

This past weekend for us was all over the place. Friday night we went to dinner with a friend. Saturday we helped a friend find a new car. We looked at almost all models and makes. She needed something affordable, so we looked at Toyota, Pontiac, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet and Mazda. By the time we were finished, we were really tired.

One of the amazing things we found is that most smaller cars were selling at a premium. About $5000 over MSRP. Toyota Prius was selling for $5000 over MSRP. We actually were ready to start negotiating for a Prius. They were getting us the exact model, color and interior we wanted, then the salesman informed us that we would be paying $5000 above MSRP. I thought, $5000 buys quite abit of fuel. I also buys more than 10 days on a tropical island. So, we moved on. Lol

Out of all the places we visited and sales people we spoke with, only one was rude. We were at the Honda dealer and after we explained our friends situation and what she could afford on a monthly budget. He looked at us, and said "Ha, that is how much my monthly cell phone bill is." I told him, "boy, did you get taken." I thought about this and the only reason anyone would say something like that is to make someone else feel bad. In my opinion, a really poor choice of something to say. So we moved on.

She settled on a Pontiac G5, which she loves. We really enjoyed helping out someone and were reminded how rewarding it can be to simply help and be there for someone. Afterwards we celebrated with a late night dinner at Jerry's Deli.

Sunday, I went for a hike in Runyon Canyon. Then toured Los Angeles, here are a few of the sights I saw. Enjoy.

These lighting fixtures hang from one of the Sony Studios gates. Sony, used to be the MGM lot. Take a close look at the detail on these, the MGM Lion was incorporated in the design.

I hope you had a amazing weekend also.. I hope your weekend was an adventure also. So . . . what did you do?


Laurie said...

Love the pics!
I spent the weekend running all
over town looking for a kiddy pool
for the dogs. Can you believe there
are none! Every place we went NONE!
I also spent Saturday night PRAYING
that my husband wouldn't have the
guys over to practice (he's plays
in a band just for fun)


Anthony said...

Amazing captures. You really do have an eye for it (oh, and photography as well!). I'm not going to even ask about the soft toy .....

My weekend was great. Got back to the UK on Sunday from my last trip. Had a great time. Working next weekend too.

dit said...

laurie, - Thank you. How funny, no kiddie pools at all? WOW! a band! Thats talent. Big hug back.

anthony, - Thank you for thew compliments. Ha, that toy was hanging in a shrub on my hike. It caught my eye. Glad you have a nice weekend too. Welcome home.

madhouse 6 said...

love the lion detail.

Michael Guy said...

LOVE the colonnade pic with the arty light fixtures. Nice crop/angle. Sounds like an eventful, fun weekend.

No one in SALES should ever be rude. Period. They're just messing with their own livelihoods when they are rude.

Greg said...

Great pictures!

We spent the past weekend cleaning the apartment as we have a guest coming on Weds. Then, we're heading to Vegas for the weekend!!!

landis smithers said...

love the "bomb it" graffitti!

fun blog!

WAT said...

As usual, you capture the essence of our great little town.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics as always Dave! Looks like the weekend was an action-packed one with lot's of sight-seeing.