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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hikes, Pinatas, tar and cookies . . . .

I hope everyone has had a brilliant weekend. This weekend for us was relaxing and yummy. Saturday morning, I enjoyed the paper and headed to hike Runyon. As I left the westside it was a little overcast and foggy. But as I got into the city the skies became a brilliant blue. Perfect day for a hike.

Later in the afternoon, a friend came over. We all went to have pizza, then came home and made a version of Peach Skillet Pie. We had fun in the kitchen laughing and peeling the peaches. It turned out yummy. Our friend called home to Pennsylvania to get her grandmothers recipe. Unfortunately, I do not own a cast iron skillet, so we improvised. A cast iron skillet is now is on my list of things to get.

Sunday, inspired by all the pizza and peach pie, I decided to hike again. On my way home I stopped at the La Brea Tar Pits on Wilshire. These tar pits are amazing, still bubbling tar from many years ago. They are still finding bones of extinct mammals in these pits. You can watch the bubbles of hot gas come up through the water. It is always a WOW to me, as this happens right on Wishire Boulevard and right next to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. The fake mammoths were placed there in the 1960's.

After a rest, I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. They turned out extra yummy.

Whatever you decided to do with your time this weekend. I hope it was some of what you needed. Take care, hold strong this week, know who you are and be proud.



A Lewis said...

I like that "hold strong" part. Especially important for me this week with my father in law and my hubby's family. I really dig that peach skillet thing! yummo.

dit said...

Lewis, - Thanks, hang in there. You can do it. Oh man, it is extra yummy. Recipe is just under basic. google it, many recipes, all similar.

Michael Guy said...

You had me at "peach skillet." And, dangit! I lost my cast iron skillet to the divorce!

NOTE TO SELF: must retrieve.

GREAT pics, as per usual!

I need to see those tar pits someday, too!

dit said...

michael, - I checked amazon. They are really inexpensive. I plan on ordering one soon. Thank you for the compliments on the photos. The tar pits are pretty cool.

Laurie said...

mmmmmmmmmmm....Just looking at
the pictures of that food I gained
weight....Now I have to chase that
really hot guy on the couch up
that mountain you hike :D

Love the pictures! They are just
so beautiful (as you know)


dit said...

laurie, you would like hiking up that hill. Lots of guys to look at. A little inspiration every now and then. Oh and the occasional Kiss band member. lol

Thank you for the compliment. Big Hug back.

Christian said...

So you have an iPhone too? Do you have Loopt and the unlimited text plan? Give me your phone number so I can Loopt you!!! (Am I being too direct?) Ha ha you can write it on a napkin and pass it to me if you want. :-)

dit said...

christian, hey, yes . . . I have an Iphone. I got it last year for holiday. I love my iphone, so much so that it has been named "precious." I will have to check out looped. will give you my number, no problem.

Jim said...

Those cast iron skillets are expensive at Sur La Table and HEAVY!

Anonymous said...

fabulous photos! exquisite detail, amazing color... great eye Dit!

Christian said...

Hey hey hey~ checked out Loopt yet? I can't believe you've had your iPhone for almost a year and you didn't get Loopt. That was the first App I got - ultimate App if you like stalking people. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had yourselves a very delicious weekend. That peach skillet pie is making me do some major "googling" right now. What did you improvise with as I don't have a cast iron skillet either. ;-)

Great photos of the weekend. Thanks for sharing!