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Monday, September 22, 2008

Malibu, Strawberries and Nudity . . . in film.

Good afternoon, . . . It is still afternoon on the left coast. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We stayed home, which was a welcome change from all the traveling we have been doing. Saturday morning after some coffee and the Los Angeles Times I went to hike Runyon Canyon. It was different in that I could tell the quality of light has changed, so had the angle of the shadows. Yes, fall is here. Saturday afternoon we went out to get my better half a new suit. We found one and it looks great on him. After shopping, a friend came over to our place. We hung out and watched the film "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" a very cute film. We really enjoyed it. Plus it has some almost nude shots in it. Who hoo! Lol

My . . . what nice walnuts you have . . .lol

Sunday, enjoyed a leisure morning of coffee, music and magazines. It was a perfect day for a walk along the ocean. So, a friend came over and we drove up to Malibu for a late lunch and walk on the beach.

On our way back there was a Strawberry stand, so we stopped and bought a crate. They are so delicious. Perhaps the last we will see until next year.

I hope your weekend was an adventure too. No matter what you decided to do with your time. so . . what did you do with your time?


Laurie said...

MAN!!! Strawberries!!!! Those
look soooo yummy!
As always the pictures are just
wonderful. The one of the beach
makes me wanna be on one right now.

I have a joke for you too about
walnuts :)

What do you call nuts on a wall?
What do you call nuts on a chest?
What do you call nuts on a chin?


I'm soooooo bad :D

feeling some what better....can
ya tell?


A Lewis said...

Muddled strawberries + gin or vodka + ginger ale + chopped fresh ginger.....crushed ice. nice.

dit said...

laurie, Oh MAN is right. They are delicious and sweet. Your joke is very funny. You are SO GOOD! Happy to hear you are feeling better. Know your kids at school will be happy to have you back.

lewis, that sounds delicious! I have purred some strawberries and I think I might just use that recipe. You really should write a recipe book. Thanks!

Tim in Italy said...

Fall fell here about a week ago. In about a day. I don't want to change the heating system over from summer to winter until October, but I don't know if I'll make it. Great frosty mornings, though.

Saturday, I worked. On Sunday's I fix myself a big American breakfast (virtually unknown here). I had planned on working in the yard, but I started reading the news on the bailout and I was absorbed for the rest of the day. That was a two coffee pot day!

Michael Guy said...

What gorgeous strawberries!

My weekend was spent dining with friends and lamenting the fading Summer. MACY'S has the trim-a-tree shop open. Bleh! :(

dit said...

Tim, I bet fall in Italy is extra nice. Oh . . . I adore two pots of coffee days. Who exactly is this bailing out again? lol

Michael Guy, They are so delicious too. Trim a Tree? WTF? We are not even into Reruns on Gossip Girl. lol

I'm thinking this years holiday sales will be slim to none. I'm sending out a card and a kiss. lol

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd see your better half in his new suit on Malibu beach. Or were you referring to a three-piecer? ;-)

Glad that the weekend went well and the strawberries were a nice "topper" to the fun weekend!

Anthony said...

Urgh! The consistant high quality of your pictures is really starting to bug me. Sigh :-(

dit said...

afod, lol. My better half was inside the restaraunt makin nice to get us a table and me a drink. The Strawberries are amazing!

Anthony, don't let it bug ya. Just enjoy. I really enjoy taking them. I am actually considering producing a book of images. Doubt anyone would buy it, but I could force it on others as a gift.