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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love you Las Vegas

Hello, Vegas trips always fly by. So much to see and do. Friday evening, we headed to LAX to hop onto a plane that would take us to Las Vegas. We were meeting our friend (Cooper's Mom) in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, her plane was delayed. It seems they were not allowed to board the plane based on the "Check Engine" light had been lit. Crazy, but true.

So we went ahead to our hotel and checked in. We had a beautiful and modern 1 bedroom suite in the Flamingo. We normally stay at Harrahs or Caesars Palace. This time, we went for the Flamingo. We had been warned that it might not meet our "standards." But it was more than great, the room was really hip and modern. Complete with automatic drapes and sheers, flat screen TV's in the living area and bedroom. Along with a flat screen TV in the bathroom mirror.

After our friend arrived, we all went out gambling and eating and drinking. Saturday morning, we woke up, got ready and went to take the Mercedes in for an inspection. Unfortunately, our German friend has some mechanical issues. So, we are still uncertain if he will be coming back with us. We will see, looks like 3-4 thousand in work. UGH. So, we will see.

This statue always makes me laugh.

Saturday afternoon, we had some fun on the Las Vegas strip. Then headed over to the Hard Rock Casino and had dinner. Then went out on the Las Vegas strip again.

Sunday, we slept in some then headed over to Red Rock Canyon. Talk about a beautiful place. If you ever get a chance, do go and see it. I think it would be much more impressive in the morning light. We viewed it in the afternoon light. Still most amazing as you will be able to see in the photos. It was only $5.00 and being honest, probably the best $5.00 I have ever spent in Las Vegas.

So, yes . . . if you ever get the opportunity to see Red Rock Canyon. Just outside Las Vegas, do. I would love to take a few of the hikes the canyon offers. One more of our adventures.

Hope all is well with everyone.



A Lewis said...

Ooh, Germans. Makes my heart go pitter-patter. Glad you got to the rocks.

Laurie said...

HEY! I thought what happens in
Vegas stays in Vegas. heehee!
So glad you had fun and I love
the pictures!


YvesPaul said...

I've never been to Vegas and that's one of the few places in the States that I've got to visit.

Faux Pas blog said...

I got rid of one German over the weekend. After the warranty expires, those Germans are hard on the pocketbook.

I'll have to try that snarky Flamingo when I go to Vegas next month.

Jim said...

So let me get this straight, in Las Vegas you can stay all day indoors for free, but if you want to see something outside you have to pay $5?

Christopher said...

ooooh....the Flaming"O" looks faaaaabulous...seriously.

"Just David!" said...

I thought you mean the spa, I didn't know there was an actual rock. Ha! Looks like fun, I'll try it next trip out there.

beatpunk said...

What a great trip! You saw so much variety between the bright lights and the red rocks.

Michael Guy said...

Me and the EX always stayed at THE FLAMINGO; looks like a lot has changed since my last guest stay at Flamingo. I always liked FLAMINGO for its central location on The Strip, though.

Sounds like major fun; the canyon pics are awesome. Great time, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your adventures in the canyon. It's nice to see that the weather was most cooperative. Perhaps it's because "Cooper" is in that word? ;-)

I will admit though, when I first saw those beds, it looked like a hospital room, particularly with the lighting above and the way the ceiling treatments were. ;-)

I love the chiseled jawline. Soooo sexy!

Anthony said...

Vegas is always fun. You hotel room looks very cool indeed!