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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Late Thursday Greetings


Yeah, it is Thursday. Almost the weekend, but no expectations other than say making plans. Last night on my way home I stopped at Starbucks to purchase some coffee. They had a new kind that I was anxious to try, Burundi, it has blackberry undertones. The taste test this morning is great, I love it.

We were supposed to receive our new computer today. however, FedEx says tomorrow. Drats! lol

This weekend nothing is planned. However I would like to get in a hike, clean out the garage in anticipation of the 560sl, and perhaps a dinner or two out.

So, do tell . . . . What do you plan on doing this weekend? Anything, or nothing?


Anthony said...

Just a trip to New York. Nothing firm yet for what to do once I reach. Last 3 choices left are COney Island, Staten Island or Atlantic. Which do you suggest?

Laurie said...

Oh man! I'm gonna see if they have
that coffee here. I love to try
new ones.

The boy has marching band tomorrow!
I don't know if you saw the videos
on the blog Saturday. He isn't
marching in either one because my
camera wouldn't zoom in :( But it's
still good stuff.

Have a great weekend!


A Lewis said...

There's nothing quite like the pungent smell of freshly ground delicious dark coffee.....I love the colors on the bags at Starbucks.

afod said...

More condo hunting and some interior tours as well. Other than that, relaxing by the lakeshore.