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Monday, September 8, 2008

Late Rainy Days and Mondays

This past weekend flew by along with Monday. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this week. Over the weekend, we got several domestic things done. Mainly making room for "The German" who should be coming soon. We cleaned out the garage and made quite a pile for "the people." If you do not know, "The people" are those who accept charitable donations, take care of or fix things. We love "The people."

I also set up the new computer. It works beautifully. Love its 24" monitor.

anyway . . . Saturday night we went to dinner and then out for ice cream with a friend. Sunday, I had intended on going for a hike, until I was reminded in traffic on La Brea that the 9th annual LA Triathlon was being held. So I turned the car around, picked up my better half and headed to Venice to walk the canals.

Here are a few things we had the pleasure of seeing. Enjoy.

Now thats what I call trash!

This sign always makes me giggle. It also reminds me of several I have known. lol

You Clown! Ha!

Dancing Duck anyone?

so, there are a few more images of the Venice Beach canals. If you every get an opportunity to experience them, do. You wont be disappointed, it is free and well worth the walk.

After our walk, we headed into the marina for a bite to eat.

I hope your weekend was an adventure too. If not, you are always welcome to join us.



Laurie said...

I love the pictures of the water
and flowers...SO relaxing :)

Open Trench! Is that like OPEN


YvesPaul said...

Is that a Mandarin Duck? Wow!

Anonymous said...

You captured the canals beautifully. The morning glories were looking fell and erect. I am surprised I didn't see more able-bodied persons on such a sunny day.

Anonymous said...

You know... I really love the pics. you capture and share here! So much color and beauty... and variety. :)