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Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome Fall

I hope everyone is doing well. Sunday morning, I baked a Plum pie. Afterward, we continued our tradition of going Pumpkin Hunting. We were fortunate to have several friends join us and a few more meet us at the pumpkin patch. So, it was more than a beautiful fall day in Santa Paula California.

It was a perfect day to welcome Fall. I hope you had a great weekend too.



Michael Guy said...

As per usual...great pics! That 'sunflower' shot seems destined for one of those inspirational-type, motivation posters in the workplace.

"We're Glad You're Here. Until We Lay You Off."

Love the contrast/angle of the red barn/blue sky. Flawless.

Laurie said...

Yummy!!! Man, plum pie!! I so
wish I could make pies...My crusts
are just the worst....You ever
think of entering any of these
cooking show contests..

Oh and when you buy me that house..
(ha! ha!)
I don't want the sign of the old
bat lives here on the front door...


dit said...

Michael, Thank you for the compliments. That saying cracks me up. It sounds perfect.

laurie, - Yeah, the plum pie is pretty good. Need to do something to add some more flavor though. Maybe it is not plum season? We get all mixed up out here in California with seasonal fruit. I have never thought of entering a contest. My prize is to see the smile on the faces of those who enjoy it.

Isn't that sign funny? I was cracking up.

Chris said...

Fantastic photos - I'm a sucker for a bright yellow sunflower against a blue sky!

dit said...

Chris, Thank you. Me too. The sky was amazingly clear on Sunday. Now we have many fires, so the skies are sort of smokey.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color in your photos. What art thou going to carve into the rind of that there squash? Something comical or something scary? ;-)

Anthony said...

What the hell is pumpkin hunting?!