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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Commencing to begin . . .

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. It is almost "The Eating Holiday" or Thanksgiving. Last night we started to make a few things we will enjoy on Thanksgiving . . . Pie crust and Pumpkin-Cranberry bread. The Pumpkin-Cranberry bread we brought to work to share with others, the pie crust dough we will use later.

A good friend of ours, who turned 30 this year, is having to go through a major surgery. I have mentioned her before, there was a tumor in her femur bone, now she will need a hip and femur bone replacement. Doctors say after some physical therapy and tough times she will be fine. You just never know, do you? A reminder that we should all be thankful for what we have and to remember our lives can be changed at any time. We will be there for her in every way we can to support her through this tough time.

On a much lighter note . . . . . I am excited for Thanksgiving this year. What are you having to eat on this "Eating Holiday" any special traditions?


Laurie said...

My thoughts are with your friend...
All will be just fine :)

Oh and thanks for the extra pounds
on my already fat ass... :D

I loves ya!!!


dit said...

Laurie, - Thank you. You Arse ain't fat. Its just right! lol

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Your good friend will get well! =)

dit said...

Janus, - Thank you. I hope so. Hope you are doing well.

Tim in Italy said...

27-Nov will be just another working day for us here. But the holiday festivals have started: the Pumpkin Festival (pumpkin gnocchi is a dish I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy), the Wine Festival, the Chocolate Festival and, last but not least, the Pig Festival. We drift back to our German and Austrian roots during the holidays, so lots of pork, wurst and saurkraut. And always the big question: a fine, cold crisp white wine or a good German beer?

Your friend is lucky to have friends like you. In that she is very lucky!

WAT said...

Yeah man, nothing like good health to be thankful for every day that you have it.