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Monday, November 24, 2008

Scenes of Los Angeles

Good Morning,

I hope this finds each of you in good spirits and relaxed from a great weekend.

Friday night, we went to visit a friend who is having some medical things going on. While we were out, we saw David Cook and James Denton. Crazy, no?

Saturday, I was very happy to be able to go on a hike. It was a wonderful day. Nice and warm, almost 80 degrees. That warmth did not last long, on my way home it started to cool off drastically.

While glancing through Sunday mornings paper, the following things caught my eye.

Racist Activity rises as the U. S. Elevates with the first African American to the White House. Apparently, there is a surge in activity by the KKK. I always forget how large this country is and how strikingly different it is in various parts.

Sunday evening we went to a BBQ at a friends place. We had great fun and played games. I made brownies and took some Pasta also.

I hope your weekend was great also. Soon it will be the eating holiday.


A Lewis said...

You mean THE David Cook....Mr. Hotty McHotness himself? Very cool.

A Lewis said...

Oops, I forgot...David Cook has just put out a statement on Prop 8....saying that he does not support it and believes in human rights for everyone. Go DC!

dit said...

yes, that one lol. Good for him. Hopefully Prop 8 will get overturned. If not, I suppose there is always 2010.

Laurie said...

Those are some pretty pics as
always!!! I tumbled down the hill
looking up at the palm trees....
I think I have cactus needles in
my butt....

I haven't heard anything new from
David Cook....I've only heard his
one song :( He is so cute!!!


WAT said...

David who? j/k.

Pretty pics mister! You make me proud of living in LA sometimes! LOL!

madhouse 6 said...

really dig the pics. good eye.

meanwhile - the word verification for this comment is "dodicat" - i don't know why, but the word "dodicat" tickles me.

madhouse 6 said...

oh, and another thing - you know what would be hot? seeing david cook and james denton going at it like wild animals.

that would be hot :-)

oh, and this word verification "mednevn" not nearly as fun as "dodicat"