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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunny Skies, Rainbows and Fires.

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and enjoying their week. This past weekend was pretty busy for us. Saturday, we attended the rally downtown. It was really warm, over 90 degrees. We met some friends in Hollywood and took the subway into downtown.

As we arrived, we heard news of the many fires that had been raging in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Even with the fires, I think we had a pretty good turnout, estimated at 10 thousand people. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the fires.

At one point in the rally, we looked up at City Hall, someone had hung a rainbow flag off the top. From what I hear and read. Many believe the Supreme Court may overturn Proposition 8. Hoping this will be true. But not believing it until it actually happens. Supposedly, the "Yes" people are threatening the Judges.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Decided to head into Beverly Hills, ash was drifting all through the air along with the smell of smoke. Later, we went to the Marina, hung out, ate pizza and got some Red Velvet Cake. Yum, Yum!

I borrowed this video from Yvespaul (if you have not, please check out his blog . . a pretty interesting and sweet guy). This video is brilliant and well said, no?


A Lewis said...

Been thinking about you guys...Prop 8, the fires, rallies, all of it. So much going on right now. Be cool, calm, collected.

dit said...

Thanks Lewis. I am all of the above. Hope all is well with you also. 8-)

tyler said...

i was also there with bob, carlos and greg: anything to escape all the smoke in sb.
we went to el cuidad in downtown: love that place and the 2 hot tamales.....
have a good week, babe.

dit said...

Hey Tyler, Very cool of all of you to join. That is a great place to eat. You didn't end up at Cliftons (The cafeteria)? lol Stay sweet!

WAT said...

Look at the tons of people using the RED LINE! WOW! That's a cool pic! Yeah, it's as if California is the center of the world right now!

My poor nose and eyes. The bad smoky air hath irritated them so.

dit said...

wat, - Yes, that day the red line was packed. I never thought of it that way, but yes, it seems as if all eyes are on us.

Sorry to hear about your eyes and throat.

Diederick said...

Amazing video!

tyler said...

now ditty:
how did you know that clifton's is one of my favorite places. when i am in los angeles, after partying at the mayan we would go to clifton's and eat mac and cheese: the best!

YvesPaul said...

Thanks for the "interesting and sweet" comment... lol. You're pretty interesting and sweet yourself. Maybe we'll get to cook together some point in our lives. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the weather cooperated as well on the day of the rally which I am sure helped attendance. Great close-up of the flag. Sunday sounded like a well-rested day. Enjoy this week!

Laurie said...

PIZZA!! I love cold cheese pizza!
I could eat it 24/7..yummy!!!
And Red Velvet cake! My mother in
law makes one of the BEST I've
ever tasted....I tell ya...I'm
gaining weight just reading this...
Or could it be the gallon of
chocolate ice cream I'm eating....

Hmmmm.....I wonder :)

TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

dit said...

Diederick, - I think so too. Great find from YvesPaul.

Tyler, - Lucky guess. lol.

YvesPaul, - I hope so too. That sounds like fun.

afod, - Thank you, You too.

Laurie, - I love it too. Oh man, I bet that cake is good! Red Velvet is not an easy cake to make either. Big Hug back at'cha.