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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today, I am surprised, happily on one hand and disappointed in the other. We will start with the happily part, Obama, an African American, will be in the White House. What a great moment that is.

Secondly, that the State of California and its people, who were once of the front of human rights and civil liberties and somehow no longer are. California was one of the first to allow inter-racial marriages is now in favor of a Jim Crow law “separate - but not quite - equal.” I would like to think that in 2008, we could move past separate but equal mentality. The state has not officially called a yes on Proposition 8 win. Even though the numbers are not looking in favor of No on 8 supporters.

I thought Jim Crow laws were overruled by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

On October 20th. My better half and I were married. I wonder where this will leave us? Mentally, obviously, still in love and in the same place. Legally? I suppose we will be in limbo. Where gay people have been for a very long time. So, on the upside, I guess we are used to it. lol

So, last night I made a yummy chocolate bread pudding. It is so easy and so yummy. We enjoyed that as the results of the election came in.

I hope you are in good spirits. It is a beautiful fall day in Southern California.

Update: supposedly, Prop 8 is not being called because 3 - 4 million Absentee votes to be counted. With a difference of 3 - 400 thousand votes. It will be close.

For us, some openly and cowardly hating us. The world spins madly on.


Diane said...

I'm thrilled with the Obama victory and the defeat of Dole. I'm happy that Prop 2 passed, and Prop 4 was defeated. I'm horribly disappointed with Prop 8 passing. Don't give up hope.

beatpunk said...

Bittersweet. Tears of joy and tears of sadness.


A Lewis said...

Been thinking about you guys....and crying tears of horrible sadness at the loss in your state. Giant hugs.

dit said...

diane, - Yes, those are all great victories. And things to be thankful for. Too very sad over 8, but I am sure the battle will rage on. lol

beatpunk, - absolutely, maybe we can make it a federal issue.

lewis, Thank you. Still keeping fingers crossed. I sense a lawsuit coming from the thousands who have state marriage contracts. Onto the next battle.

Hamilton said...

I am so disappointed... this is kind of unbelievable considering we are in the 21th century, in U.S.A. and in California...

dit said...

hamilton, exactly, I could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Fight on! I'm wondering how I could do the same in Singapore. LOL!

Laurie said...

I just need to move there and
cast my vote for NO! Prop 8 is
nothing but hate!

gonna go and get me some chocolate
now :)


dit said...

janus, - what are the laws in Singapore?

laurie, you are always so sweet. I am not sure if this is it forever or not. Now that this hate bill will put it in the California constitution.

Rick said...

Too bad about prop 8.

The chocolate bread pudding looks yummy!

dit said...

thank you Rick, I guess the battle rages on.

It is so easy to make. Martha Stewart, chocolate bread pudding. So simple, it is a crime. lol

Anonymous said...

GBLT are transparent in Singapore. We have no rights and the first barrier to progress is the penal code 377A.


robert78 said...

congrats on electing Obama as prez! I'm a Canadian in France, and everyone here, including myself, is ecstatic :)

Prop 8's passing was shocking frankly. California? Didn't want gay marriage?? I always forget, or fail to realize, how conservative the US is compared to most of the rest of the western world. Even so called liberal states. So, condolences on that one. However, young people mostly voted down the proposition, so I'm confident that, given time, this issue will be resolved in our favor. Or else there'll be some sort of practically untouchable court decision like in Mass that'll fix things. We'll see. Stay strong :) But I'm sure you will anyway :)

ps your chocolate bread thing looks fantastic! ...i'm hungry now lol

Anonymous said...

sorry you guys got screwed. I'm amazed at the amount of money hatemongers sent to CA to get this passed. We have lots of educating to do. Many that voted yes do not know any gays personally because too many of use are closeted to most of the world. I am one of them.