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Friday, December 26, 2008

Ahhhh, everyone relax now . . .

Ha, yes, the holiday is over. I hope everyone got something they wanted or needed. No matter if it was something purchased, or something even better, something you cant purchase. We had a wonderful holiday.

I received a Canon 50D EOS camera, and am more than thrilled. I am really looking forward to taking it out for a spin and kicking the tires, if you will. This is a pretty big step up for me camera wise. Am also looking forward to taking a class or two in Photography, I have never really had any formal training in Photography, one small session in school. But my instructor was drunk most of the time. This, combined with me crushing on the guy in my class, both of which made class more than entertaining, but I do not feel as if I learned much about photography. lol

Good Night Eartha Kitt, what a character. I was fortunate enough to see her when she was ding a cabaret type venue across the United States. The show consisted of her, a piano and a few musicians, if I recall correctly. At the time she was in her 70's and put on a great show. Sure, she had, had better days, however, this more than a talent did moves that are still illegal in some states. A true performer and I believe she will be more than missed. Sleep well Eartha.

Anyway . . . . lol. I hope you all got something wonderful also. So . . . what was the best gift your received?


WAT said...

OOOOOOOOOOO! That camera looks so cool! Congrats! More awesome L.A. pics coming.

Sad news about Eartha, but she at least lived a fruitful long awesome legendary life and you were lucky to have seen her.

Rick said...

That's too bad about Eartha Kitt. At least you got to see her perform.

Happy post-Christmas!

tyler said...

both your home and your new camera look primo.
i had a great christmas with the uncs and friends and not only received some cool gifts but also something that you cannot buy: love and respect.
have a groovy new years, ditty. you deserve the best!

Laurie said...

SWEET!! Nice :) I hope this
next class is taught by a really
HOT guy that isn't drunk :)

Eartha :( No more Cat Woman :(


Ryan said...

nice camera! christmas was good 4 me. cant wait for some cool pics from u now.

Stan said...

I loved Eartha from the time she stood up and denounced the Viet Nam war at the White House. That took balls and she had 'em.