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Monday, December 29, 2008

Brownies, Brunch, Whitecaps and friends

As I type this . . . i am thinking about the brownies that are baking in the oven. I am trying a new recipe, one from a family cookbook. Anyway . . . . let me catch you up, its been a busy weekend and week, which has just barely started. For me to type a list, would be boring, so . . . yes, you do know me. I'll show you with photos.

Friday night, I started to force some narcissus bulbs. Thsi is what they look like so far.

Saturday, I met a friend at the Abby for brunch. While waiting on my friend, I am walking around with my camera and almost bump into someone I seem to see more often than I wish to, yes, Bobby Trendy. He's stumbling around as if he is doing the walk of shame . . . you know . . . quietly tip-toeing out of someone's door, the morning after. Hair out of place, clothes wrinkled, panties in a bag and wondering if your breath smells as bad as it tastes. Only this nutter has all his dogs with him, looks at me as if to say, please don't take my photo. And I am thinking, all I want is for you . . . Bobby "bloody" Trendy to move, perhaps try the east coast on for size! lol


Then wandered around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Sunday, I went on a hike. Look at that snow on those mountains!

Yes, that is the Griffith Park Observatory, isn't it beautiful?

Sunday night, I relaxed and . . .

well, . . . napped.

This morning, my friend, pictured above was drooling and I took him to the vet to have his teeth checked. He is home now and has the whitest teeth.

Yes, all the photos were taken with my new camera, Still learning how to use it, and am most excited about it. Another gift I am excited about is a cook book a friend gave me. It has tons of passed down from generations recipes. The past three mornings I have enjoyed turning the pages as I sip my morning coffee.

Oh man, those brownies are done.

What have you been enjoying? Do share.


Jim said...

Must. Have. Brown-ie.

A Lewis said...

Say now, those brownies don't look too bad at all. Reminds me of my gym appointment this afternoon.

YvesPaul said...

Those brownies look nice! Lazy days are the best days.

Laurie said...

I will trip Jim on his way
to get the brownies :)

Just kiddin I wouldn't do that :)

I'd just drool on them :D


Anonymous said...

I can taste those brownies from here. Thank you for sharing your story through your photos. Great as always!