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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hospitals and the 7 Deadly Sins

I hope everyone is doing well and either ready for or getting ready to get ready for the quickly approaching Holiday Season. I am having some trouble getting into the Holiday Season this year. I am fine with decorating, eating and celebrations . . . the trouble I am having is the buying. I have been to the stores and walked the aisles, fondled the sweaters and looked at the games. I need something inspiring to start buying. Hopefully that will come soon.

Last night, we went to see our friend in the hospital. She had a hip and femur bone replacement surgery. Which simply seems wrong for a 30 year old. Anyway, she is recovering ok and hopefully will go home from the hospital in a few days. Then, she will have 8 - 10 weeks of physical therapy. Overall she seems in good spirits and for the most part, is doing well.

Have you ever had an idea, put it in the back of your mind then as you are looking through a magazine, you think . . . Hey! That was my idea? Well, I had a similar incident the other day. I have always thought it would be fun to have Dinner plates with the seven deadly sins on them. Now, someone else had to go and make them! Lol

Even though, I am certain the idea is not all that original. I thought as an idea for the 8th plate, I might have it read "Sex Pot" or "Tramp." What would you have the 8th plate say?


Laurie said...

YEAH!!! So glad your friend is
doing good...I feel so bad for her
having to go through all that...
She'll be better off for it though.

Hey...For that last plate....You
could just put your face on it...
It's a sin to be as cute as you are
you know that... :)


dit said...

Laurie, - Yes, Thank you. We just received word that she is going home tomorrow. Happy she does not need radiation.

Awe, you are too sweet. That would be funny though, eh? Dishes with your familys faces on them. That is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Wishing your friend a full recovery!!

And I want to tell you, you definitely have my vote for plate #8--great idea!!