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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leftovers, Pixies, Milk,Gutter Balls and Parades?

Good Morning, I hope everyone is doing well and kicking off their holiday season. Can you believe it is December 1st? We had a great Thanksgiving, Thursday we had some friends over to enjoy Thanksgiving with us.

Friday, we relaxed, started decorating for the holidays, and later decided to go and see the film Milk. We tried to see it at one theater and all the remaining showings were sold out. So, we went to see the 11:00 pm showing at the ArcLight in Hollywood. We really enjoyed the film, in our opinion, it was very well done. It also seems very fitting in recent political events. If you have a chance, I would recommend this film. Outside the theater, they had some memorabilia from the film.

Saturday, we went bowling at the Lucky Strike lanes at Hollywood and Highland. It was so much fun. I do not think I had been bowling since I was . . . Maybe 12 years old. I started out by putting my bowling ball in the gutter a few times. I thought, better to put it there than split the pins. I even got a few strikes! We had so much fun, I think we will be doing that again soon. After bowling, we went on a hike in Runyon Canyon. We were changing our clothes in the car and almost got busted by some walkers by. While hiking, we saw Pink. Nice to see everyone, even famous people have to work to fight the Thanksgiving bulge. Lol

Sunday, we went to see our friend who is having surgery today. Then, we took her family on the Subway to see the The Hollywood Santa Parade.

The cast of Twilight was there too.

We actually did more than I thought, now that I am sitting here listing it all out. I hope you had a great holiday also. So . . . do tell . . . what did you do? Smile and know you are appreciated.


YvesPaul said...

Life in LA sounds so much more fun... I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a fantabulous weekend by the photos you have shared. Parade looked like a lot of fun. But I still am waiting for a photo of a gutter ball (or two). ;-)

Laurie said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier
but just as I was about to do it
my cell rang and the computer ate
my words now the oven timer just
went off :(

K' I'm back....What I wrote earlier
was that they had some stuff going
on in down town Ft.Worth this
weekend...I would have gone but
there is like not a whole lot of
parking...Plus, people had to
wait hours....I'm not a doctor...
I have no patience...Plus, it was
REALLY windy on Saturday....

Let us know how your friend is
doing...I wish her the BEST!!!


dit said...

YvesPaul, - Yeah, we are rarely being boring here. Always something going on. Don't be jealous, join us!

afod, - Yes, we sure did. Gutter ball, lol. That would be porn. Dirty balls. lol

Laurie, - I spent time in Ft. Worth as a kid. Now there are some memories! Timer What are you making? She is out of surgery and doing ok. We are all relieved she is doing ok. Thank you for the well wishes.

I'll keep everyone posted.

WAT said...

I had no idea that Hollywood still had this parade! LOL!

Glad you saw MILK, I'm hoping I can go this weekend and catch a screening, as I am very much looking forward to it.

My, what a purty bowling alley.