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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cold, Wind, and Snow in Southern California

This past weekend, my in-laws were still in town and we had a great time. Here are a few of the sights and sounds we experienced on our adventure, starting in Marina Del Rey.

After, we headed over to Venice Beach.

That evening, we went to The Grove shopping center to see the holiday spectacular.

Then it started to snow (its fake snow . . . they spray it from the roof tops)ha!

The following day . . . it was a cold and cloudy day In Los Angeles. We decided to head south on Pacific Coast Highway.

These were taken in Huntington Beach, California.

We continued south on Pacific Coat Highway to Newport Beach.

After the sun had set, we drove to Balboa Island.

See, it is not always warm in Southern California, ha! I hope your weekend was an adventure too. The Holidays will soon be here, can you believe it?


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Nice Apple store!!! =)

Anthony said...

Can you please ensure it stays nice and warm for my visit this week?

dit said...

Janus, - Thank you for the compliment. Apple store, oh yes, I must make my holiday wish list. lol

Anthony, - I'll try. Right now . . . Its pouring the rain outside my window. However, this city sparkles after a rain.

Anonymous said...

How weird is that that you would encounter snow in southern Cal! Seems you experienced a bit of all the season's weather. Photos also reflect what had to have been a very enjoyable time.

Laurie said...

As always...GREAT pictures!!!!
I really love the Christmas tree

Missed shakin my a$$ on Friday :(
That's alright though cause I was
so freakin tired....


Anonymous said...

TRULY amazing pics! Makes me miss So. Cal!!! You have snow also?? Amazing! What is happening to our temperate climate?! :)

dit said...

afod, - yeah . . . it was fake snow. Although., it did feel cold enough to snow here. Its been freezing!

Laurie, - That tree is huge and real. The sign reads that it is chosen from the soon to die. Yes, I missed shakin on Friday too.

bridgeout, - It sure can be beautiful. Oregon is so nice too, so green. The snow down at the mall is actually soap bubbles. lol

WAT said...

You always take the best pics of this city! THE GROVE looks pretty cool this time of year! I may head on out there sometime soon, IF IT WEREN'T SO EXPENSIVE THERE. I mean, just to park! MY GOD!