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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying Weeks and a Farewell to Fake Cowboys

Wow! This week has flown by, we are already mid month into our year. Where does the time go?

One thing for certain, soon we will be free of The Fake Cowboy (Dubya). I doubt we will be free of his doings for a long while. But here are a few who are saying So long, farewell, Alvetazane, good night . . . well . . . creatively.

I love it.

If you have a moment, read a few of the postings, there are quite a few really god ones. Maybe someone will create a book from the entries and send it to him. There are more than a few photos. Probably not quite as attention holding as The Pet Goat. But, he might wanna CHECK IT! lol

Check out So long Cowboy, Letters to a President (Click here).

What might you say to him? Or perhaps the shoeing says it best? lol


Laurie said...

The sad thing is that we here in
Texas had him as our govenor before
he was president...And the guy that
replaced him as our govenor isn't
any better than he was...This state
is so freaked (not the word I wanna
use)up because of Rick Perry....

NOW Bush is moving to Dallas....
He has a ranch in Crawford....Why
don't he go live there...Waste
more tax payer money buying a new
house....I'm in the wrong business.


Diederick said...

Indeed, gone with the old, in with the black (or darker shade of white).

Bush was the worst president ever.

YvesPaul said...

Those are entertaining. But "So Long Cowboy" is too mild for me. I have nothing good to say.

Diane said...

Shame on you.

That's what I would say, given the chance.