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Monday, January 26, 2009

Whirl wind weekends in Sin City

I hope everyone is doing well. We had a whirl wind weekend, Friday night, we drove to Las Vegas. Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday, we gambled and had a blast. Saturday I enjoyed a contemporary art exhibit at the Bellagio. Saturday night we went shopping, then gambled some more. Sunday, we picked up our friend, headed back across that great american desert. Today, well, Monday is now a blur. We had a blast, we laughed, gambled, drank, ate, took in art and a few other things. I hope your weekend was great too.

On our way back, we stopped at Alien Beef Jerky in Baker, California.

Watch out for those Aliens. lol

So, last night, I was at the deli counter buying some Turkey, the guy helping me sliced a little more turkey than I had requested. He asked me if it was ok, I said . . . yes, I'll share it with the cat, he likes it. The lady next to me started to giggle. She said . . My cat likes soup. I said, What? She said yeah, that she had given her cat some chicken soup and the cat liked it. Even ate the carrot and celery. She laughed and said, tonight, its split pea, we will see what he thinks of that. lol

Now, I want to see if our cat will eat soup. lol Does your pet like anything out of the ordinary?


Diane said...

I did poor some of the broth from my soup last night over my dog's kibble.

No photo of the world's tallest thermometer?

Laurie said...

My dogs eat everything you give
them...Well, not lettuce...

I had a lazy weekend....I slept
for ALMOST 12 hours!! Yeah...Was

Glad you had fun and are back safe.

TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

beatpunk said...

Bitch goes ape-shit crazy over Entenmann's Pop'ems. They're not very good for her, so she doesn't get them all the time.

It sounds like Vegas was fun as always!