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Monday, June 8, 2009

Suites, Spas, wine and laughs

Hello, I hope this finds everyone in good spirits. We had yet another wonderful weekend, Friday evening, we drove down to San Diego. Checked into the hotel and were thrilled with the suite.

Saturday morning, after enjoying some coffee, and a facial at the spa, I headed to Old Town Temecula to meet up with others to go wine tasting.

After wine tasting at several vineyards, we drove over to the Temecula Wine and Hot Air Balloon Festival. We had some delicious tri-tip sandwiches. Then enjoyed some music. We actually were able to see one hot air balloon.

Sunday, after enjoying the morning, we drove back over to Old Town Temecula, had brunch and enjoyed the day.

Thank you to all who were there. All of those who didn't, join us next time.


beatpunk said...

What a lovely day!

dit said...

Thanks BeatPunk. It was a nice weekend. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had some fun :)
Oh and um...Ain't it someones
birthday? Am I right Dit?




dit said...

Thank you Laurie, you are too sweet to have remembered. Big hug to you too.