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Monday, July 6, 2009

Those warm winds of Palm Springs

Last week I took a few days off and had an extra long holiday weekend. Wednesday, I stopped by a friends office and took brownies, then went on a hike and got a new swimsuit from Andrew Christian.

Thursday, I enjoyed the morning, baked some toffee-squares, a recipe from my Great-Grandmother and hit the beach. Later that evening, some friends and I went to the Jackson Family Compound in Encino.

We went to the Jackson Family Compound expecting to find our patience, have difficulty parking and wait in a long line. We arrived, parked right away and walked right up. Little to no wait or hassle.

One of my favorite signs reads, "You gave us a new look, You gave us a new sound, you gave us a new spirit."

I must admit, I never really thought of myself as a huge Michael Jackson fan. But I guess I am realizing, I actually am a fan of his music, dance moves, talent and style.

Friday, on our way to Palm Springs, we stopped at the Staples Center to get a glimpse of this sign.

We had a wonderful time in Palm Springs, it was warm, hitting 105 in the middle of the day, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Yes, yes . . . 105 is hot, however it is a dry heat. lol.We hired a cabaña with a Fan, a Television and a refrigerator.

Stopped at a park on Frank Sinatra Drive that makes me giggle. You enter the park, and push this button. All of the sudden, Frank Sinatra's voice starts speaking loudly about deserts, animals and mountains.

The wind farms in Palm Springs always amaze me.

Sunday, we packed up and headed back home to Los Angeles. I hope your 4th of July was more than great. We had another wonderful adventure. You always know you are welcome to join.


A Lewis said...'re right in the middle of MJ's activities and remembrance. I love your pics...they are always SO great. And the last pic...the wind turbines... Oregon is on it's way to having the world's largest wind turbine farm. You wouldn't believe how many are rolling down our freeways on their way to be installed.

beatpunk said...

Another fantastic weekend! Thanks for the pics of the Michael Jackson memorials. Yours were the first blogger's accounting for me to see. And I have to agree with you, that I was never really a huge fan either, but his death has made me consider how much I did appreciate his talent. Happy Thursday night! Enjoy whatever you're grilling.