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Monday, July 13, 2009

French 75's and the warm sun

WOW! What a great weekend. Saturday I went on a hike in Runyon Canyon then, my better half and I went over to Jim of Jim's Notes for a Bastille day party. Jim and Lyle had their place decorated so perfectly, complete with the Eiffel Tower and Marie Antoinette. Right after we arrived Jim introduced us to a "French 75," it was so delicious, I bet you can't drink just one. We also were fortunate enough to meet Christopher of Clever Fool and Paul, who we had a great time with chatting and laughing. Not surprising at all, Jim and Lyle are not only popular, but have many interesting and attractive friends. We were even treated to a show.

My only regret is that I did not take a camera to Jim and Lyle's party. Can you believe it?

Sunday, we enjoyed the morning. I made brownies then went on a beach picnic. It felt so good to lay in the sun and nap. I hope your weekend was a great one also. Sooooooo, what are you waiting on. What did you do?


Jim said...

So glad you guys came and we finally met. That only took a year or more to make happen...

dit said...

Jim, we are glad we came too. Lets get together again soon.